About E-Motion Dance Festival

E-Motion Dance Festival (E-MDF) formerly known as Prague Open Dance Festival is the largest international dance competition in the Czech Republic, which will take place September 16 - 18, 2022 in the beautiful spaces of the ŠKODA Muzeum Mladá Boleslav. On the occasion of the 15th anniversary, we have established a new tradition in the form of a unique opening night, which will take place on September 16th and is called NINE.

Why compete at E-MDF?

E-Motion Dance Festival, which continues the tradition of PODF, is by now, a famous dance competition in the heart of Europe, Czech Republic. This year´s venue is the city of Mladá Boleslav, where we believe that dancers will appreciate less hectic and beautiful spaces. The city is easy to get to, by car, train or bus. The journey from Prague takes about an hour. The competitions are of the highest level – International Open category and other categories in many age groups.

As a novelty, you can look forward to a new venue this year. It’s a more spacious, modern dance hall with air conditionig and great acoustics. The venue, ŠKODA Muzeum, does not miss clean, modern facilities and a wide variety of available snacks. Faultless organizations with no delays is a matter of course.

We put emphasis on the expertise of adjudicators and the adherence to all WDSF rules, which results in the highest possible bonification – around 120%. World’s best ranked couples take part in the competitions on a regular basis. E-Motion Dance Festival (formerly Prague Open) is one of the most popular dance competitions in the world.


The year 2022 is full of surprises. For the first time, the dance festival takes place in the ŠKODA Museum in Mladá Boleslav. What can you look forward to? For a spacious modern hall with excellent acoustics, professional sound and lighting. In addition, the entire premises are air conditioned.

ŠKODA Museum, Václava Klementa 294, 293 60 Mladá Boleslav