Dear couples, here you can register for E-MDF competitions. Applications must be submitted by September 14th 22:00 at the latest!

Starting fee

Starting fee can now be paid via our website, or in cash at the venue. If you decide to pay through our website you can get a discount up to 10 EUR, or 250 CZK for every category.

Starting fee paid before September 6th 2022 will cost:

  • 50 euro / 1250 CZK International Open
  • 40 euro / 1000 CZK Mládež, Senioři
  • 30 euro / 750 CZK Děti, Junioři a Rising Stars

The price is stated for the couple. Payment in advance is non-refundable if you decide not to start.

Starting fee paid after September 14th 2022 can be paid on the competition will cost:

  • 60 euro / 1500 CZK International Open
  • 50 euro / 1250 CZK Mládež, Senioři
  • 40 euro / 1000 CZK Děti, Junioři a Rising Stars

Price is stated for the couple. You must be registered before September 14th. 

Dear couples, please check after registration whether your name is visible in the starting list. If the registration was successful, you will be listed. If not, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Don't miss the unique 9 World Champions Dance Show - NINE! on Friday, September 16, 2022

Did you know that on Friday, September 16, before the start of the dance competitions, a unique opening night of the E-Motion Dance Festival will be presented, where 9 world champions will perform in standard and Latin American dances?

Ticket sales coming soon!