Updated timetable

Here you will find the updated schedule before the competition. Schedule is indicative and will change accordingly with registred couples. Program change reserved! Check regulary for changes.

Last changes: 15th September 2022

Competition days programme

Saturday 17th September

  • WDSF International Open Adults Latin
  • WDSF Rising Stars Latin
  • WDSF Youth Standard
  • DSE Junior II Standard
  • DSE Junior I Standard
  • DSE Juvenile Standard
  • WDSF Senior I Latin
  • WDSF Senior II Standard
  • WDSF Senior IV Standard

Sunday 18th September

  • WDSF International Open Adults Standard
  • WDSF Rising Stars Standard
  • WDSF Youth Latin
  • DSE Junior II Latin
  • DSE Junior I Latin
  • DSE Juvenile Latin
  • WDSF Senior I Standard
  • WDSF Senior II Latin
  • WDSF Senior III Standard

Schedule of competitions

Saturday, 17th september 2022

The hall will be open from 07:30

Opening ceremony will be at 09:00

Discipline End of registration Approximate end of competition
Youth Standard 8:30 12:30
Senior I Latin 8:45 11:45
Junior I Standard 9:00 12:15
Junior II Standard 12:00 15:15
Rising Stars Latina 12:15 14:45
Juvenilles Standard 12:30 15:00
Adults IO Latina 14:45 19:45
Senior II Standard 15:15 19:15
Senior IV Standard 15:45 19:30

Sunday, 18th September 2022

Opening ceremony will be at 09:00

Category End of registration Approximate end of competition
Youth Latin 8:30 13:00
Senior I Standard 8:45 12:30
Junior I Latina 9:00 12:45
Junior II Latin 12:15 16:00
Rising Stars Standard 12:45 16:15
Juvenilles Latin 13:15 15:45
Adults IO Standard 15:45 20:00
Senior III Standard 16:30 19:45
Senior II Latin 16:45 19:15

Don't miss the unique 9 World Champions Dance Show - NINE! on Friday, September 16, 2022

Did you know that on Friday, September 16, before the start of the dance competitions, a unique opening night of the E-Motion Dance Festival will be presented, where 9 world champions will perform their wonderful shows in standard and Latin American dances?

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