The year 2022 is full of surprises. For the first time, the dance festival takes place in the ŠKODA Museum in Mladá Boleslav. What can you look forward to? For a spacious modern hall with excellent acoustics, professional sound and lighting. In addition, the entire premises are air conditioned.


Mladá Boleslav is very accessible no matter which form of transport you choose.
It is about 60 km from the center of the capital city of Prague, so most of the roads will lead right through it. Above all, we offer a few tips on transportation for foreign couples.

Air transport

For the fastest transport to Mladá Boleslav, we recommend choosing Václav Havel Prague Airport, Dresden Airport in Germany or Wrocław Airport in Poland. There is a direct train connection from Dresden to the main railway station in Prague, from where you can then easily travel to Mladá Boleslav. The journey will take you about 4 hours. From Wroclaw to Prague by train, you have to expect transfers, the journey can take up to 6 hours. Especially from Wroclaw we recommend considering buses and FlixBuses.

From Václav Havel Airport Prague

The fastest way from the airport to the main train station in Prague (from where you continue by train to the venue of the competition) is the AE line. The platform is appropriately marked and is located at Terminal 1. Tickets (price: CZK 100 per person) can be purchased directly from the driver. The line is used exclusively for transport between the airport and Prague's main railway station.

The second option is bus No. 119, which will take you to the Nádraží Veleslavín stop, where you will transfer to the metro and then, as needed, to Černý Most (for bus to Mladá Boleslav), the main railway station or your possible accommodation in Prague. Tickets can be bought either in machines (approx. 40 CZK) or via SMS.

For information about transportation in Prague you can use their official webside.

From Prague to Mladá Boleslav

If you decide to use public transport (there is also a taxi option), we recommend the train or bus. The journey from Praha Hlavní nádraží (Prague´s main railway station) to Mladá Boleslav Město (Mlada Boleslav City) is usually direct, or with a transfer at Mladá Boleslav Hlavní nádraží (MB main railway station), and takes approximately an hour and a half. The main station in Mladá Boleslav is very far from the city center, where festival will take place, so we recommend taking a train (not a bus) to the MB City stop.

The second option is to travel by bus. We recommend using the PID (Prague Integrated Transport, i.e. tram and metro) to the final stop of the yellow line B - Černý Most. From here, there are direct buses to the Mladá Boleslav. We recommend using the IDOS application for locals, for foreign couples we will share more detailed information and timetables well in advance.


ŠKODA Museum, Václava Klementa 294, 293 60 Mladá Boleslav